Basics of computer

Basics of Computer

what is a computer?

A computer is basically a big calculator plus some more. the fact that it can store stuff and that it can do much more complicated calculations a lot quicker than calculators. computers can perform complex and repetitive procedures quickly, precisely and reliably and can quickly store and retrieve large amounts of data.

For our purposes, a computer can be defined as a machine for processing and store information electronically. To be useful,
it must have a way for us to get information into the machine, and some way to get it out afterward so we can see it. Therefore, a Computer has four basic functions:


Every part of a computer system, and everything it does is connected to one or more of these basic functions. computers can seem complex because there are many ways of doing each of these functions, and because everything has a new name, often made up of what appear to be nonsense initials like RAM or CPU.

To keep it simple, first look up any word or technical term you don't understand, There is a glossary at the back of this course pack with definitions for all the technical terms we use here or that you are likely to hear in talking. second, when you encounter any part of a computer for the first time, find out which of these four functions it is used for,

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