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the Basics
photoshop is still the ultimate graphics program, although it’s far different from the first version released W ll years ago. Even though it‘s mainly used for photo retouching and image manipulation, you can also use it to create original art, either from scratch or based on a photograph. You can even use it to set type! it’s more him than a video game and much less difficult than you might think.

Finding your way around
When you first open Photoshop, you’ll see its toolbox on the left is ” of the screen, the Tool Options bar just under the menu headings at the top of the screen, and several sets of floating palettes on the right. You won 't see a work area because Photoshop, unlike most graphics programs, doesn’t automatically open a new page for you. This actually makes sense because most of your work in Photoshop will be done on pictures that you have brought in from some other source. Maybe you'll be using digital images from your digital camera or scanner. Possibly you’ll work on files you’ve downloaded from the Internet or on photos from a CD-ROM. In Chapter 2, “Opening and Saving,” you will learn all about opening these pictures. Right now, let’s open a blank page so that you can try out some of Photoshop's tools
Starting a New Page
File  New is the first item on the first Photoshop menu. When you select it. you open the New dialog box, shown in Figure 1.1. You can enter a title for your new file at the top of the dialog box, such as New
Page, or leave it untitled for now. The following sections will give you a brief overview of how to get you started on setting up a new file.

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