What is WebSite Navigation bar? website navigation bar design II html code

Navigating Web Pages

If navigating an individual web page seems simple and obvious to you might want to skip to the next section. You might be surprised, however, at the number of beginners who fail to realize how to get around on a web page.
The key is in realizing that any particular web page can be as long or as short as the webmaster Programs it to be. Many people, when they get on the web for the first time, think that what appears on their serene is all there is. The page in Figure below, for example, contains a lot of text, links and bars that are active, which tells you that the page is wider and longer than will fit in the screen.

Navigation with Browsers

Let us emphasize at the start that web Browsers are for exploring. If you are not sure what button docs, try it and see what happens. As we will discuss in more detail while we go along, you are unlikely to damage anything by pushing buttons on the browser to see what happens, and there are simple ways to recover if you don’t like what happens when you push a button.
The key to the navigation of the World Wide Web with Browsers is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which gives the address of a document, not only with respect to a local computer but also with respect to the entire Internet.

URL Addresses

A Uniform Resource Locator or  URL address is a bonding of the information in the IP address for the machine and the information in its local file structure. Thus a URL address gives the location of a file, not with respect to a single computer, but with respect to the entire Internet.

Methods of Navigation

So now we know WHAT to navigate to (URL addresses). what are the methods that we can use to navigate with a WEB Browser? There are several ways, some of which you have already used:

(1) You can click on links and buttons.
(2) You can enter the URL address directly into the Browser. In Explorer, you can enter it into the  “ address” bar on the browser:

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