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URL and Domain Naming System

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address or location of a document on the www. You can at once display a web page, that you have heard or read about, by entering its URL. It functions like a postal or e-mail address. It indicates where the host computer is located, the location of the website on the host, and the name of the web page and the file type of each document.
A typical URL looks like this

The first part from the left indicates what type of transfer protocol will be used to retrieve the document (here it is HTTP) The second part shows the host computer or domain name. The third part if present indicates the directory of the required website in the host computer.
The internet protocol (IP) uses internet address information to deliver mail and other data from computer to computer every IP address on the internet is actually a series of four numbers separated by periods such as, which is impossible to remember, or to keep track of as the IP addresses of a computer can change, Sun Microsystems developed the Domain Name System (DNS) in the early 1980s as an easier way to keep track of addresses The DNS establishes a hierarchy of domains which are a group of computers on the internet, The DNS gives each computer on the net an internet address or domain name using easily recognizable letters and words instead of numbers. It helps the internet computers by converting the textual internet address into its IP numeric equivalent.
An internet address comprises of two parts.
USER’S NAME: It is the name of a person’s account, The name can be a real or it can be a surname nickname.
Domains Name: It is the location of a person’s account. The various parts of the domain’s name are separated by full stops.
Example of a domain name: amitmondal@webmultichannel.com
The rightmost portion of the domain section of the address identifies the largest domain and kind of organization where the person has his or her address. The parts left to it denotes the subdomains respectively.
The address is separated by the @(at ) SYMBOL. An internet address cannot contain spaces
Since the internet was conceived and developed in the USA. Americans defined the top-level domains. Initially, these were designed as follows.

 .COM    commercial
.GOV     govemment
.NET       network
.MIL       military
.ORG      organization 

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