Dynamic HTML setup

                                Dynamic HTML


Much of what is called Dynamic HTML revolves around JavaScript. Dynamic HTML or DHTML is not a language, instead it is a collection of tricks and tools that involve using scripting lan-guages such as JavaScript to modify the content of web pages and otherwise interact with the user. In its strictest sense, it is any code that allows you to change the content or appearance of a document in a web browser.
So the first thing you can do with javascript is change  is change the content of a document being displayed in the web browser, javascrtpt does not change the document itself, if you refresh the drowser it will go back to the original setting rather, it will modify what is being displayed.
For instance. Javascript allows you to dynamically change the appearance of something when you move the mouse over it . it can even make elements appear and disappear from a document. Javascript also allows you to generate pop-up dialog boxes and rewrite what is displayed on the screen. A very commonly used Javascript function is the write method of the document object is used to write content to the web browser screen.

Take a look at the document written in JavaScript. The contents of that document are as fol-lows;

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