Search Engines
A  Search Engine is a program that can search the web on a specific topic for you, By typing in a went or phrase. the search engine will produce pages of links on that topic supposedly the more relevant links are at the top of the list but that is not always true.

Example: the Google Search Engine

An example of a search engine is the popular Google search Engine. The homepage of this website includes a small textbox where you can type a word or set words on a topic you are interested in for instance suppose you wanted to locate information about baseball on the web you could go to the google site and enter your query in the entry field
You then press on “google search”. the search engine will respond by providing you with a list of all the documents in its database that contain the word “ baseball” your browser will display a page with your keyword(s) and a list of documents in which the engine found the word(s). for a google search on baseball, the results might look like this;
In this example, we displayed only the first few matches. Note that each match returned by Google has a  link to a document that contains the keyword(s). The link appears at the beginning of the hit telling you the title. You the title. You can go directly to the document by simply clicking on the link.

Sharpening Your Search

If the keyword you specify for the search is a rather common term, you may be presented with an enormous number of web documents that contain that term. In this case, many of the hits may contain the term but in only one or two instances. Rather than wasting a lot of your time looking through the long list and visiting links that may turn out to have little or nothing to do with the topic you are really interested in, you can let the search engine do the sifting by repeating your search with additional and more specific keywords, Here are a few general tips to help your search;
·         Be as specific as possible for example, maybe you   are really only interested in baseball information on the Chicago Cubs then you should use the term” Chicago Cubs” instead of the general term of “baseball”
·         If you’re truly interested in the “Chicago Cubs” wrap the term in quotes. This means you want both words together, otherwise, you will pull travel websites about the city of Chicago or unnecessary documents with information about baby bears into your result lists.
·         On most search engines adding a plus sign next to may term means to be sure and include the term in the results. If you want very specific information about the Chicago Cubs 2002 season, put a plus sign next to both terms. For example, Chicago Cubs and 2002 means that you want only links that have both information about the Cubs and their activities during the year 2002
These general tips work for most search engines, however each search engines, however, each search engine may differ in how they want the user to search. Most search engines do have help files and information on advanced searching if you want to hone your searching skills further.

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