Taz apps Review II digital money app II digital money transfer

Taz apps Review  II digital money app II digital money transfer 

I am very happy to write a review on the Google Tez app because I won rupees 100 recently in this week. i.e. 51 rupees for installing the app by my friend's invitation Link and sending him money and remaining by scratch cards.

The first thing I love most about this application is that getting scratch cards by simply transferring or sending money. I mean paying or get paid money using Tez app.

I added photo proof of 100 rupees reward for this review.

By this app, we can send or transfer or money from a bank to bank or at any other bills and orders e.t.c easy quick and free.

And additionally, we get scratch cards for paying or get paid money. we can get for scratch cards per week for just transferring money above 150 rupees and a weekly scratch card that is Friday scratch card weekly once for transferring money above 500 rupees. Which can be scratched on Friday at 10: 00am

And these scratch card depending on nothing but just LUCK.

I luckily won 100 rupees this week in scratch cards.

We also get scratch cards for paying money at reliance stores and MI.com or MI stores e.t.c

And the last and best thing I love is cash back of 51 rupees for inviting friends and making their first payment.

Sometimes we may also get 100 or more for inviting friends to join Tez app.

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