Once, the demon kings troubled the world greatly and the whole world was upset. Bhumi, the Deity of this world, went to Lord Brahma to tell him about all the trouble she had to go through as a result of all the things the demoniac kings were doing. Bhumi took the form of a cow and with tears in her eyes, she approached Lord Brahma, hoping for his mercy. Lord Brahma became very sad as well and he decided to go to the ocean of milk where Lord Visnu lives. He went there together with the other demigods, Lord Siva went as well. There Lord Brahma began to speak to Lord Visnu who had saved the earth once before by taking the form of a boar (Lord Varaha). All the other demigods also offered a special prayer to Lord Visnu. This prayer is called the Purusa-Sukta prayer.
On different planets, there are different oceans. On our planets, there are oceans of salt water but on other planets, there are oceans of milk, oil or nectar. When the demigods didn’t hear any answer to their prayer, Lord Brahma decided to meditate. He received a very special message from Lord Visnu. He then gave this message to all the demigods.
The message was that very soon the Supreme Lord Himself, together with His energy, strength and His eternal associates would appear into this world as the son of Vasudeva in the Yadu dynasty (Royal Family). The message also said that the demigods, along with their wives would take birth immediately in this family in this world so that they could help the Lord with His mission. The Lord always comes to this world to protect His devotees and to kill the demons. The leader of the Yadu dynasty, King Surasena, was ruling over the district Surasena in the country Mathura. The Yadu family was very pious, very spiritual. Once upon a time, Vasudeva, the son of Surasena was taking his wife Devaki home, just after marrying her. Kamsa the evil, demonic brother of Devaki was mending the horses of Vasudeva’s chariot and was bringing his beautiful sister to her new home when all of a sudden a voice came from the sky. The voice spoke: “Kamsa, you are such a fool. You are driving the chariot of your sister and your brother-in-law, but what you don’t know is that the eighth child of your sister will kill you.

Vasudeva was completely stunned by what his brother-in-law did and said: “My dear brother-in-law Kamsa, you are the most famous king of the Bhoja dynasty and everyone knows you are the greatest warrior and a very brave king. How is it possible that you have become so angry, ready to kill a woman, who is even your own sister? Why are you so afraid to die? Death is waiting for everyone who is born into this world. "As long as a living being is attached to this world he must take birth in a material body. The body that he gets depends on his Karma. Karma is the reaction of the good and bad actions one did in his previous life. It is the nature of the mind that it always changes. One day you like one thing the next day you hate it. We are influenced in what we like by what we touch, smell, hear and taste. The body we will get in our next life is depending on what we are attached to. So please, Kamsa don’t let your body or mind tell you what to do, think before you act in such a violent way.

Vasudeva was trying very hard in this way to talk some sense into Kamsa. Unfortunately it didn’t help. Kamsa, was always associating with demoniac people and he was a very bad person, even though he was born in a very high royal family. People like that never want to take good advice from anyone. Vasudeva was thinking of a way to protect his wife. He began to flatter, to say all kinds of nice things to Kamsa and he told him that the danger wasn’t coming from his sister but maybe from one of her future children. He promised him that he would bring all the sons that would be born. Vasudeva told Kamsa he could decide what to do with them. The evil Kamsa agreed, he knew Vasudeva would keep his promise and he gave up the plan to kill his sister, Devaki. In time Devaki gave birth to eight male children and one daughter. As he had promised, Vasudeva brought the first child to Kamsa, as soon as it was born. Kamsa was satisfied and told Vasudeva to take the child back to his mother and to bring him the eighth child as soon as it was born. It would be the eighth child that would kill him, so the voice from the sky had spoken. At that time the great sage Narada came to Kamsa and he told him that many demigods had already taken birth on this planet to make arrangements for the appearance of the Supreme Lord. Kamsa became very frightened when he heard this he had his sister and her husband locked up in prison. While Devaki was shackled in iron chains, she gave birth to a boy, year after year. Kamsa was so afraid that he killed every one of them. The sage Narada had told Kamsa that in his previous life he was a demon named Kalenemi and that Visnu killed him. Now Kamsa had taken birth in the Bhoja family and he was determined to kill Krsna as soon as He was born. *He had his own father, King Ugrasena; and King Surasena, Vasudeva’s father, arrested and he put them in prison. He then declared himself king of all places. When the time was right the Supreme Lord by His own sweet will appeared into this world. Everywhere auspicious signs were seen. Rivers were full of water and lakes were beautifully decorated with lotus flowers. The forests were full with beautiful animals and plants, even the wind that blew was pleasing. The demigods and inhabitants of the heavenly planets began to sing and shower flowers unto earth. Vasudeva saw that this beautiful child was born with four hands. He was holding a conch shell, club, and a lotus flower. He was decorated with the Srivatsa sign (a lock of white chest hair) and He was wearing the jewelled necklace of kaustubha stone. He was wearing a helmet with a vaidurya stone, bracelets, earrings and all kinds of different jewellery all over His body. He had beautiful long hair. The Lord was dressed in yellow silk and He was shining like a dazzling blackish cloud. When Vasudeva saw the Lord all his fear of Kamsa left him and he began to offer prayers to the Lord. Devaki, seeing the effulgent child also offered prayers to the Lord. The Lord than spoke to her and praised her and her husband. After that the Lord turned Himself into an ordinary child. That very night it was very dark but when Vasudeva took the Lord on his lap all the prison doors opened. It was raining heavily and while Vasudeva was carrying the Lord through the Yamuna river, Lord Sesa in the shape of a serpent spread His hood over the head of Vasudeva so he wouldn’t be bothered by the rain. The river was full and roaring with waves, but when Vasudeva crossed, the river opened and gave way for him to pass through. When he arrived across the river he went to Gokula, the place where Nanda Maharaj and his wife Yasoda were living. Everyone was fast asleep. Vasudeva went inside their house and he exchanged his son for their newborn baby girl. When he returned to the prison he put the baby on the lap of Devaki and then he put the shackles back on himself, so that Kamsa wouldn’t notice what had happened. Mother Yasoda, had been very tired from giving birth to her child and when she woke up the next morning she couldn’t remember if the child she had given birth to was either a boy or a girl. When Kamsa heard the cry of a baby the next morning he came inside the prison and wanted to kill the baby. Devaki was begging her brother not to kill the girl. Kamsa being very cruel picked up the girl and wanted to throw her to the floor. The girl slipped out of his hands and took the form as the younger sister of Visnu. The girl, who was actually the goddess Durga spoke to Kamsa as follows: “How can you kill me? The child who will kill you is already born before me somewhere within this world. Don’t be so cruel to your poor sister.” After this Kamsa released his sister and brother-in-law and begged for their forgiveness. But that evening when Kamsa spoke with his counselors (who were all demons) and told them what had happened the night before, they urged Kamsa to give them permission to kill the Lord, the demigods and all the cows and Brahmanas in the country. Kamsa under the influence of his counsellors and their bad association gave them permission to do so. At the same time at Gokul at the place of Nanda Maharaj and Yasoda different ceremonies were taking place to celebrate the birth of their newborn baby Who was no other than the Supreme Lord Himself. Nanda Maharaj gave many beautifully decorated cows, hills of grains and golden bordered cloth to the Brahmanas. The Brahmanas chanted different mantras to bring good fortune for the child. The whole town was beautifully decorated, and scented water was sprinkled everywhere. All the ceilings and the roofs were decorated with different flags, leaves and flowers. Everyone dressed themselves with costly clothes and jewellery, with necklaces and turbans on their heads. When the cowherd women heard that mother Yasoda had given birth, they decorated themselves beautifully with clothes, jewellery and kumkum powder. Everyone was overwhelmed with joy by seeing the Lord. The Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in this. 

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