history of internet in india II internet in india


Before the appearance of VSNL’s GLAS, Internet had been in India many years in the form of ERNET. However, it was not possible for many people to get access of it, as it was meant for only the educational and research communities.
Internet in India was established almost 10 Years ago, as Ernst (Educational Research Network) ERNET had plans to include the creation of a satellite communication system to enable it to reach locations which do not have good data communication links.
On August 15, 1995, VSNL- India's international trunk carrier and gateway to the world launched the Gateway Internet Access Services(GIAS) for the first time on a commercial basis in the country.
Today the internet consists of over 30000 networks in 96 countries Around the world each country

has at least one backbone network that operates at a very high speed and carries the bulk of the traffic other smaller networks connect to that backbone. 

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