History of Internet II what is internet

History of the Internet


The roots of the Internet lie in a project called ARPANET which are sponsored by the United State Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The dept. Of Defense was interested in building a network that could maintain itself under adverse conditions. The original idea was to build a network capable of carrying military and government information during a ‘nuclear event’. The project was started in 1968 and soon evolved into a more general goal of developing techniques to build a large-scale network. The ARPANET continue for years and was gradually phased out after having officially being declared complete. By then the technology to connect computers reliably and economically had been developed and today the ARPANet‘s spiritual descendants from the global backbone of what you call the internet.
At first, the goal of the ARPANET researchers was to develop one large network to connect computers over long distances. However, by the mid 19703, it became clear that no single network was going to be able to serve everyone’s needs. The researchers say it would be far more useful to develop a technology that could connect various types of the network into a single large system. This led to the concept of an ‘inter-network’ or the Internet. Thus, today’s Internet is not really a single large computer network. It is actually a collection of tens of thousands of network spanning the globe. It is a huge source of practical and enjoyable information. The Internet allows millions of people, all over the world, to communicate and to share the resources. Every resource on the internet exists because a person or group volunteered their time. They had an idea, developed it, created something worthwhile and then made it available to everyone in the world via the Internet. Thus the Internet is much more than a computer network or an information service. The computers are important because they do the groundwork of moving all data ham place to place and they execute the program that let us access the information. The information itself is because it offers utility, recreation, and amusement. However, the internet is the first global forum and the first global library. Nobody actually runs the internet. Here an unlimited number of people are able to communicate in the case. Thus, the internet is an entity in its own right a worldwide organization consisting of countless numbers of people information sources and computers joined in a symbiotic confluence the internet is often referred to as the net.

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