Internet is the name for a vast, worldwide system consisting of people, information and computers,It is nothing but network of networks to send or receive data within a matter of seconds to and form someone placed far away was unthinkable before the advent of internet thus it makes major impact on the IT industry.
Networking was launched by the U.S Department in the late 1960,s By the early 1990,s the internet,s popularity had grown considerably. what was once a bobby for a faw has now become a necessity for many.
When a group of computers are connected nutually for exchanging information and sharing equipments it is called a network. In networking environment, the computers are connected with each other either through the physical cable or via satellite. Usually there is one server . other computers,connected with it in order to access data from it are known as clients.If you want to access data from another server your computer has to be connected with that computer and so on.

Consisting of a network of networks,the internet links thousands of smaller networks together so that the information present on one network may shared by other networks.
There is so single organization which owns or controls the internet. There is no government regulation or censors governing the informathion. The Internet is run by volunteers. It has no central headquarters, no centrally-offered services and no-line index to tell you what information is available. The great attration for the users is that, once they have paid the sign-up fees, there are no extra charges to be paid,

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