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Listen to the story of Ranu Mandal's life in the labyrinth in English

Listen to the story of Ranu Mandal's life in the labyrinth

That day the mind was completely broken. Sometime after Christmas. The month of January. Ranu Mandal went to a song ceremony. Be the first to sing there. Lastly, the name of Ranu Mandal was not announced. First prize was not received!

In an interview to an Indian TV channel, Ranu Mandal described his own bad experience. He said, "If I had parents that day, I would have protested. But there was no one to tell me that day. I cried all day. '

The full name is Ranu Maria Mandal. Ranu Mandal is a resident of West Bengal, India. He was born in Kartikpara village in Krishnanagar district of West Bengal in the year 8. Father Aditya Kumar. He was a small businessman. Ranu Mandal lost his parents at an early age. Grew up in another's home. Didn't go to school. Harmonious voice, clear pronunciation, simplicity were a wealth. He speaks fluent English, speaks fluent English.

Remembering the childhood in a video interview, Ranu Mandal said, “One winter, the youngsters are going to a picnic. But there is no one to take me to a picnic. I was standing beside the picnic bus. I heard Mike playing the song, "Ek Paar Ka Nagma Hai ...". Even if you can't go to the picnic, the song playing on the bus comes to mind. When I heard the music from it, I forgot about it.

The parents of Ranu used to be very bad at heart. Speaking of heartache, there is no one to listen to. So he went to the Catholic Church and wept alone. Everyone has parents, he does not have - all these say in prayer. From that childhood, suffering became his companion. She sang to stay away from grief. In the streets, people used to memorize songs by listening to music on the radio. The radio of others was the guru of his songs.

They were married when they were only 3 years old. He too has a great story. Didn't agree. Baburchi Swami married very forcefully. He complained to the police station. He started the family without being able to do anything. However, the forehead did not return. The husband's financial condition was not good at all. Unemployed Ranu runs the family. People used to work in the family's home. Once he started a small business. He used to sell biscuits by ferry. In the meantime, the forehead burned again. Ranu's husband died. The widow, the lonely Ranu Mandal, walked barefoot and sold biscuits and sang. As a good singer, Ranu gets acquainted. Everyone used to say, 'Latakanti Ranu Pagali'. He sang and worked for a thousand bucks, earning a living. One day the money was stolen. From that day onwards the suffering increases even more. There was no other way than to eat from humans. If he was hungry for a walk, he would stand in front of the food shop; If anybody please feed.

Life was going like this. Most days are spent at the Ranaghat Railway Station. It burns in the sun, soaking in the rain. Lack of mental balance is also lost. Could not remember much However, the lyrics are memorable. Popular songs like 'Panna ki Tamanna hai ke hira Mujhe mil Jaye' and 'Ek Pyaar ka nagma hai', 'lag JA gaale' easily.

One day there, a young man named Atindra Chakraborty was so fascinated to hear the music of Ranu Mandal that he immediately made a video of the song on mobile. Upload the video to Facebook It spread quickly. Soon the video went viral on social media. Latakanti reaches the world with the song of Ranu Mandal.

Then just move on. Everything is like a story, a movie story, which Ranu never dreamed of in a dream. He reached the airport from the railway platform. Got on the plane Went to Mumbai Sing new songs. Earlier, Ranu Mandal was taken to the parlor. From nails to head hair - everything is sparkling. Ranu had never seen such a day before. The lottery was won!

Ranu did not even dream that his song would captivate everyone, thus changing the lottery. However, his fate might have been written. From the stormy life of the Ranaghat station to Mumbai's recording studio - Ranu, it's like a dream.

Now there are hiccups about the Ranu Mandal. Every day It is reported that the Durga Puja Committee in an area of ​​Kolkata has compiled the theme with Ranu. Ranu Mondal made the playback in Bollywood last week. He recorded a song, 'Teri Mari' in Himesh Reshmiyaar's song 'Happy Hardy and Hir'. Himesh Reshammiya shared that song on his Instagram account that night. The film 'Happy Hardy and Deer' will be released in the coming months. The main character of the film is Salman Khan and producer Himesh himself. Himesh, the music director of the film.

According to an Indian media report, Himesh Reshammiya gave him six to seven lakh rupees for the first song of Ranu. Again, it is reported from another media, that he got three to four lakh rupees. But whatever the issue, Ranu Mandal did not agree to take it at first. Himesh Reshammiya almost forcibly handed over the money to Ranu Mandal. According to arc sources, Ranu Mandal will sing for Akshay Kumar's next film.

The ranu Mandal is a beautiful flower in the forest. If laughter ever explodes in the jungle, it still reaches the well-traveled passenger. Husband, children, house - all lost, but in his life, the song and the sweet voice, on which he has today received the star takma. Time will tell how long he has this identity.

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