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Amazon, the E-commerce giant, is one of the oldest merchants on the web and has over 200 million customers worldwide. Amazon is the unrivaled marketplace to sell products online. It provides an excellent platform for conducting an online business and has proved beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Amazon is an extremely popular e-commerce site that can help expand your reach in the market and improve the visibility of your product in a unique way. In this tutorial, we will try to understand in detail how Amazon Marketplace functions.


his tutorial is prepared for those who want to use the Amazon Marketplace as a platform to sell their products online. It covers important topics that you will need to know to start an online business with Amazon such as how to create your account on Amazon Marketplace and list your product. It also describes what are Amazon’s charges in return, how Amazon manages the shipping, how you should deal with the customers’ feedback and other important issues.



To benefit from this tutorial, you need to have a passion for online business. You should have
 the desire to know about Amazon Marketplace and how it helps to increase the visibility of 
your products across the globe.
There are various reasons why you should consider selling at Amazon Marketplace. In this introductory chapter, let us take a look at some of the prominent reasons why you should 
choose Amazon Marketplace.


Increase Sales

The best reason of selling on Amazon is the scale of their online visitors. Amazon alone 
draws the eyeballs of nearly 85 million visitors monthly, so you can quantify the number 
of folds by which your sale will increase. Also, the probability of your product reaching 
the customers increases.

Acquire Potential Customers from across the Globe

Amazon has millions of varied customers across the globe who visit on a frequent basis. 
If one goes by statistics, every one out of four online shoppers purchases from Amazon. 
They visit Amazon Marketplace with the explicit intent to purchase and may discover your 
product while browsing, which they may have otherwise purchased from some other seller
 or may have never encountered.
Thus, you acquire a potential customer and if you serve them with quality products, the 
chances of winning a repeated and global business is all yours.

Quick and Stress-Free Shipping

Amazon can ship your product, through Amazon’s F BA service, Fulfillment by Amazon, 
to the customer faster and at cheaper rates than you can do it yourself. You add 
to the customer’s satisfaction by adding Fulfilled by Amazon text or its Prime logo 
to your product.
You can sit back and relax, and enjoy stress-free and trusted product shipping! 
You can also ship the product yourself, wherein you are responsible for packing the
 product and have it shipped by yourself or hire a Fulfilment service to do it for you, 
any way you would like.

Vast Range of Products

There is a bucket list of products that you can sell on Amazon. You can sell a little
 or a lot, Amazon provides you all the required tools and experience to have a successful sale.

Effortless, Trusted Shopping Experience for Customers

Customers love effortless buying, something only Amazon’s one click purchase
 can grant. Hence, once you become a seller on Amazon you are laced with Amazon’s
 e-commerce expertise, its easy payment and delivery options which will adorn 
your online business.

Secure and Timely Payments

Amazon offers hassle-free and timely payments. Payment for your product is deposited into your bank account and you are notified via email that your payment has been made. 
Also, Amazon deducts its fees only after you make a sale.

Amazon’s Professional Help Service

Amazon offers professional services to guide you through every step of selling your
 product online, such as what product you should sell and how to sell.
Amazon is not just an online store, rather it’s a Marketplace! It is one of the oldest merchants on the web and has over 200 million customers worldwide. There are 
many potential buyers who put their trust in Amazon and prefer buying products
 from Amazon only, even if the product costs slightly higher than at other e-commerce sites.

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