SBI is giving a great offer, you can get ₹ 5 lakh in just 45 minutes! What is the truth?

You can apply for this loan online or through SBI's YONO mobile app.  Eligibility can be checked before applying for a loan.

Looking for an emergency loan?  Meanwhile, there are doubts about loans in private banks?  No worries!  State Bank of India (SBI) has come a long way in launching pre-approved loan schemes to provide relief to customers.  However, not every customer can get this facility.  Sources said that this special pre-approved loan scheme may be launched only for salaried employees.
 Coronavirus and lockdown situations in which the navel of the common man rises.  In this situation, the State Bank of India's plan is to stand by the financially distressed salaried customers.  The launch of the project is expected to benefit the salaried middle class, who are facing problems in the Corona crisis and lockdown.
 However, the country's largest banking institution is not willing to give details about the new scheme right now.  According to SBI officials, the whole matter is now at the planning stage.  All decisions in this regard will be made at the right time.  However, it is initially known that the loan can be applied for through the online YONO mobile app.  Eligibility can be checked before applying for a loan.  If all the conditions are met, the applicant will be given a quick loan.

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