Is the day of 'Truecaller' approaching?

 Is the day of 'Truecaller' approaching? Such a discussion has started among gadget gurus due to a YouTube advertisement. What exactly is the matter? It is heard that Google has streamlined the calling app. The name has been changed to 'Google Call'. Not only making or receiving calls, but this new app will also be able to reveal the name of the caller, the number of an area, as claimed by several gadget-related information companies around the world. As a result, it will be in direct competition with the Swedish company Truecaller.


One Reddit social media user first saw the Google Call ad on YouTube. He is the one who informed the netizens about this. The ad or the link to download the app was also given. When a call comes from a number that is not saved in the phonebook, that number gives the user information 'Truecaller'. Users can manually open profiles in TrueCaller. If there is no profile, the name by which the corresponding number is saved in the phone of another smartphone user shows the third-party receiver 'Truecaller'. The app has already become popular with smartphone users around the world for this special service. Google's phone app also has caller ID, but it's not as accurate as TrueCaller. ‘Google Call’ is likely to directly challenge ‘Truecaller’ by greatly reducing the likelihood of that ‘margin of error’. However, the word 'Google Call' has not yet been used by Google. The app is also not in the Play Store. But the buzz has started. Last October, Google announced the launch of multiple of their services. New logos for Drive, Gmail, Meet, Docs, Chat, Calendar and Keep have already arrived. The service has also improved. According to gadget gurus, if Google Call really improves the caller ID service, the popularity of TrueCaller among Android users will drop in an instant. Because most users will not want to have two apps with the same service on their phone. To make a call you need to have 'Google Call'. In that case, the forehead of 'Truecaller' may burn.

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