Coca-Cola lost Rs 30,000 crore in a single case of Ronaldo

 Cristiano Ronaldo came to the press conference before the first match of the Euro Cup against Hungary. Coca-Cola, a soft drink company, lost billions of rupees in one fell swoop due to that incident. It is known that the US multinational company has lost about 30 thousand crore rupees.


Incidentally, a bottle of Coca-Cola was kept at the press conference in Portugal before the match against Hungary on Tuesday. Seeing that, the Portuguese superstar got angry. Angered, he picked up a Coca-Cola bottle and said in Portuguese, 'Agua' (water). That is, he advised everyone to drink drinking water instead of soft drinks. CR Seven immediately removed the bottle.

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Portugal coach Fernando Santos was also present at the press conference. He did not comment on the Coca-Cola bottle. Did not remove the bottle. The video of the press conference of the Portuguese team is currently viral on social media. But Ronaldo's little expression cost the Coca-Cola company dearly.

Cristiano Ronaldo was angry because they put Coca Cola in front of him at the Portugal press conference, instead of water! 

He moved them and said "Drink water"  / U1aJg9PcXq

It is learned that the price of Coca-Cola in the world market has come down by around Rs 30,000 crore for this little act of Ronaldo. The share price of the company falls in the stock market. Prices fell by about 1.6 percent. On a day when the CR7 broke multiple records in the euro, the popular soft drink maker faced huge financial losses.

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