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If you open an account with only 250 rupees, you will get 15 lakh rupees!

 Open an account with this bank with only 250 rupees, you will get 15 lakh rupees. The central government has launched several such projects. Where your money is safe as well as you will get guaranteed good returns. For the future of the child, it is very important to do this investment policy from the time they are born. Because of this, parents do not have to worry about their children's higher education, study abroad or even the cost of marriage.


If you want to invest like this for your daughter's future, you can open an account with Punjab National Bank's Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana. (Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana). You can open this account with only 250 rupees. Up to a maximum of Rs. 150,000 per annum can be deposited in this account. This account can be kept open until the girl is 21 years old. Maturity money can be withdrawn when the girl is 18 years old.

Only one account can be opened in the name of one daughter in Punjab National Bank. It is also known that a person can open an account in the name of a maximum of two daughters. However, this account must be opened before the girl is 10 years old. If you invest 3000 rupees per month in this account, it becomes 36000 rupees per year. After 14 years, you will get Rs 9,11,584 as compounding 7.6 percent. At 21 years, that is, at maturity, it will be around Rs 15,22,221. At present the scheme is paying interest at the rate of 7.8 per cent. And it is known that tax exemption is available in this scheme.

It is also learned that this account can be opened at any branch of Punjab National Bank.

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