NATO warns China, Beijing warns China

The clash between China and NATO has reached its climax. At a one-day NATO summit in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned China about Beijing's military action. Within hours, China's foreign ministry issued a counter-warning to NATO to stay within its jurisdiction. Diplomats are seeing the ominous sign in the way the two sides have rolled up their sleeves and taken to the streets to issue counter-warnings against each other.

At a one-day NATO conference in Brussels, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern over China's military proximity to Russia, saying "NATO does not want to go to war with China. But the way Beijing is expanding its nuclear program has become a threat to the world." China's military cooperation with Russia could pose a major threat to the world. As a result, NATO member states need to be more united to prevent China's growing rise. NATO needs to take stronger action against China. He also demanded the immediate release of Michael Covering and Michael Spacewar, two Canadians detained in China.


Beijing has also retaliated against NATO Secretary-General China. A statement from China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday stated that "Beijing's defense and military modernization are fully justified and reasonable." Moreover, China's defense policy is transparent and open. NATO is being urged not to worsen the situation by threatening Beijing. Instead of being jealous of China's overall development, the NATO leadership should focus on other issues. Threatening China will do no good. China's progress cannot be stopped by forming alliances. Rather, it must bring danger. '

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