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Modi warns of Rs 50,000 crore debt II Prime Minister Narendra Modi

 Prime Minister's big announcement on Doctor's Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a separate loan scheme worth Rs 50,000 crore. At the same time, the Prime Minister announced that doctors are a different form of God. Besides, Modi again warned the people about Corona on this day. On the one hand, when the leaders of his party repeatedly say that there is no corona in the country. After Kovid left, Modi warned everyone on Doctor's Day that 'Corona has not left the country yet. So everyone is careful. '


Two days ago, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman allocated additional funds for health infrastructure. Today, on Doctor's Day, the Prime Minister again announced a Rs 50,000 crore project for people involved in health. Attacking the Congress government on the same day, Modi said, "You know very well what the health infrastructure was like in the country before. For decades, there has been no solution to the country's health infrastructure. The health service has been neglected for a long time, we have increased the allocation in this sector. He also said that the budget has been announced twice a year only for health.

"Our doctors have saved us," Modi said, referring to the doctors who fought with Corona. All the doctors have saved the lives of the people by risking their own lives. Our government salutes the action of the doctors, we give the highest importance to the health service. He said many medical colleges are being set up in the country at the moment, health infrastructure is improving, till 2014 there were only 6 AIIMS in the country. Now 15 AIIMS have been built in the country in just seven years.

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