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If you are the Copa champion, there will be crores of prizes! How many crores of rupees is Brazil-Argentina getting

 Brazil and Argentina face off in the Copa final. Two of the best teams in the world face off on Sunday, virtually fading the glamor of the euro. Messi vs. Neymar's fight for supremacy in Latin America is taking place at the historic Maracana Stadium. Starting from June 13, the Copa is currently waiting for the finishing touch. The 48th edition of the Copa is coming to an end on Sunday after the first Copa tournament started in 1918.

This time the Copa event was supposed to be held not in Brazil but in Argentina and Colombia. However, at the last minute, the tournament was taken to Brazil due to an overdose. With this, Samba Desh organized the Copa twice in a row.

However, one of the most exciting events in the world of football is the Copa America. Copper is organized with 10 teams from Latin America. It is customary to invite a country from another continent. As in the previous edition, the United States participated. However, this time the Copper was organized without any invited country in the extreme situation. The tournament started with 10 teams divided into two groups. In Kopa, a large prize money is waiting for the winning team. Although the Conmebol Prize is not officially known, the potential prize money has been announced at Sportsfield.

The winning team will receive 8.5 million (approximately Rs. 46.5 crore in Indian currency).

* The runners-up will receive 3.5 million (Rs 26 crore in Indian currency)

* The third-place winning team gets 3 million US dollars (about 22 crore rupees in Indian currency)

* The fourth-place team owes 2.5 million (just over Rs 165 million in Indian currency)

* The remaining teams to reach the quarter-finals will be paid মিল 1.5 million (a little over Rs 11 crore in Indian currency). After leaving the group, the other two teams were also handed over ১ 1 million (a little over Rs 75 million in Indian currency)

* Total prize money:: 21.5 million (Rs. 156 crore in Indian currency)

Brazil is the defending champion of Copa America. Brazil lost to Peru in the final last time on the way to winning the title for the ninth time. Brazil was then handed লার 7.5 million as the champion team. Peru gets মিল 3.5 million as runners-up.

Kopa has a tradition of handing out prizes in the individual category as well as in the team category. Conmebol collects huge amount of money from the sponsors of the tournament.

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