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Shantanura shorts minister says Firhad

 Trinamool general secretary Perth Chatterjee had earlier made it clear that the party was going to take a tough stance on making Barla a minister. On Thursday, Transport Minister and city administrator Firhad Hakim told the Kolkata municipality, “John Barla is a separatist. Harmful to society. Besides, he said, 'They are wearing the shorts that we left during the UPA regime. I don't know if it has been washed or not. BJP will no longer be in the country. It is the name of Hari at the time of their death. ' Last June, Alipurduar MP Barla said, 'South Bengal has always neglected North Bengal. The revenue here is going to South Bengal. The people of North Bengal do not get any benefit. That is why I want North Bengal to be a separate state. I believe that only then the people here will be happy and there will be real development. I will make this demand as soon as the session of the parliament starts. Trinamool protested against his statement. Charges were also lodged against John in several police stations. In response to Firhad Hakim's statement, veteran BJP leader Rahul Sinha said that even the cabinet ministers of the Trinamool are half ministers. Mamata Banerjee is the last word. In response to Firhad's remarks about John Barla, Rahul said that he wanted to make Kolkata Pakistan. Another BJP leader, Sayantan Basu, has opened his mouth in response to Trinamool criticism. Sayanton said in response to Firhad's shorts minister's remarks and calling John Barla a separatist, "Whether it was shorts or full pants, BJP ministers were not seen taking money like Firhad Hakim." There are no allegations that our ministers are involved in cheating or extortion. Trinamool is a family oriented party. There was one post before, all the rest were lampposts. Now two posts. Nephew in a post. Sayanton added that John Barla's claim was highly justified. This is what the people of North Bengal want. Cut off the two ears of the grassroots. Bobby doesn't agree with Hakim. '

The Union Cabinet was reshuffled on Wednesday. Alipurduar MP John Barla has been given a seat in the Union Cabinet. Nishith Pramanik, Subhash Sarkar and Shantanu Tagore have also been made ministers. Barla has been made Minister of State for Minority Development.

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