Berlin announces to send missiles to fight Germany, Russia alongside Ukraine II Russia Ukraine Crisis


Webmultichannel: Neither the United States nor NATO allies have sent troops to Ukraine. However, Ukraine has shown unimaginable resistance. They are fighting to protect the country's soil from the powerful Russian forces. This time Germany announced their arms support. He said they would help Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles.

What exactly did Germany say? The German administration said in a statement that it would soon deliver 1,000 anti-tank missiles and 500 Stringer-class surface-to-air missiles to the Ukrainian army.

Earlier, Russia announced that it would provide 5,000 helmets to Ukraine amid fears of an attack. Later on Friday, they were sent to Kyiv. But from the beginning, the mayor of Kyiv called the announcement a "joke." He asked sarcastically, "Will Germany send pillows then?"

None of the NATO allies, including the United States, have sent troops to Ukraine. Didn't even arm. Germany's defense minister has previously said it would not supply any weapons. But in the end Germany changed its mind.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the siege of Ukraine from all sides. A statement from Moscow's Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

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