'Desperate' Russian forces blow up Ukraine's gas pipeline, still elusive capital Kiev


Webmultichannel: Russia-Ukraine Conflict War enters its fourth day. However, Putin's forces have not yet captured the capital, Kyiv. The Ukrainian army has resisted. In the meantime, Russia has again fired missiles to damage the country's resources. This time they are looking at gas pipelines and oil reserves.

Russia fired missiles at the Kharkiv gas pipeline on Sunday morning, according to reports. There were also explosions. However, the extent of the damage is still unclear. It is reported that the pipeline was very important for the people of Kharkiv. The whole area was covered with black clouds after the explosion. The blast will spread pollution in the city, which is feared to have claimed many lives. Meanwhile, Russian forces also attacked Ukraine's oil reserves in the capital Kyiv.

According to the latest news, Russia is launching a full-scale airstrike. Fighting is also raging in the streets of Kyiv and Kharkiv. No one is willing to give up even an inch of land without a fight. Even after four days, there is no sign of peace in Ukraine. "The Russian army has not yet captured Kharkiv," said Irina Venediktova, a senior Ukrainian official. A fierce battle is going on. ”

Russia landed over Ukraine at midnight on Thursday. The Russian army entered the capital Kiev on Friday. They are wreaking havoc all over the city. The multi-story building is being destroyed by the bomb. Ordinary people were seen running in the streets in panic. Many have taken refuge in underground metro stations or bunkers. However, Putin has not yet been able to occupy Kiev, despite Russian military action across Ukraine. Putin then ordered a three-way siege of Ukraine on Saturday night.

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