Now you will be the seller and Flipkart will be the buyer, find out the reason behind the incident

 Online site Flipkart is going to bring Sale back Service. The online e-commerce site Flipkart made the announcement following the acquisition of Flipkart's electronics re-commerce firm Yaantra. Older smartphones can be sold on Flipkart through this service.

Popular online e-commerce site Flipkart. Now this online site Flipkart is going to bring Sale back Service. This service will allow you to sell old smartphones on Flipkart. Yes, in that case, you will be the seller and Flipkart will be the buyer. Customers will initially have the opportunity to sell smartphones on this new platform from Flipkart. Later, the online e-commerce site Flipkart will gradually bring the opportunity to sell different things in different sections. The announcement comes shortly after Flipkart's acquisition of electronics re-commerce firm Yaantra on behalf of the popular online e-commerce site Flipkart. There is a special purpose behind this humble initiative. Yantra is hopeful that the sales volume will also increase significantly in order to further expand the e-commerce business and offer smartphones to customers at different times on the Flipkart site.

Yantra was established in 2013. The company repairs a variety of smartphones and laptops and makes them reusable. Flipkart's new buyback sale offer will be rolled out across India. Initially, Flipkart will launch this special service in Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, and a few other cities. Flipkart's new buyback sale offer will be launched with about 1500 pin codes. This new program will be launched through the Flipkart app. There will be a new option in the app. Customers will be able to handle the whole thing from there.

This special program buyback sale will be available on any type of smartphone. When a customer wants to sell their used smartphone through Flipkart, the buyer will be given an e-voucher of the right buy-back value. As a result, those who want to sell a smartphone will come across 3 questions. And the value of your smartphone will be determined based on that question. After receiving the green signal from the customer, the Flipkart executive will come to your house and take the smartphone within 48 hours. By the way, 125 million second-hand smartphones are circulating in India every year. Only 20 million of them are sold in the second-hand market and the rest is wasted. Flipkart has announced this new initiative to reduce the amount of waste.

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