Peasant resentment, thorn in the side of unemployment in Yogi-state polls

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Today, the fate of 59 assembly constituencies will be decided in the third phase of the Uttar Pradesh polls on Sunday. On the other hand, today's vote is in all the 116 seats of Punjab. Just before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got involved in the debate by inaugurating the Kisan drone project on Friday. The majority of voters in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are farmers. Farmers are somewhat dissatisfied with the BJP over the protests over the agriculture law. The Gerua camp is desperate to ensure that the imprint of discontent does not fall on the ballot box. Politicians think that the Prime Minister's Kisan drone project is an attempt to win over the farmers. The drones will be used mainly for spraying pesticides and monitoring the field The Prime Minister said Kisan drone service will be launched earlier in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Goa Significantly, the vote in these three places! The question is, isn't this announcement of the Prime Minister a violation of the Electoral Code while the code of conduct is in force during the voting? Samajwadi Party leader Juhi Singh, however, said, "No matter what projects the Prime Minister and his party announce, the people of Uttar Pradesh will bring the Samajwadi Party to power this time with good governance and overall development in mind."

But in Uttar Pradesh, not only sugarcane farmers but also agitated potato farmers. Most of the 59 constituencies that are voting today are inhabited by potato farmers. Potato farmers in the Yogi state complain that they do not get a fair price for their produce. Along with that, there are extra electricity bills and the problem of crop failure of street cattle The Yogi government did not solve these problems. The problem of BJP will increase if the anger of potato farmers is reflected in EVM. It became clear on Saturday that the BJP would suffer from unemployment as well as farmers. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Gonda in Uttar Pradesh on the same day. There are some people protesting for jobs. They demanded that recruitment in the army should be started. Rajnath can be heard assuring from the stage, "It will happen, it will happen. You have no worries. There were some problems due to Corona, the recruitment will start again.

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