Russia-Ukraine War: 'Putin Hitler, Arrest him', Thousands protest on Russian streets against war #webmultichannel ##russiaukrainewar


Webmultichannel: Those who go to war do not want war. This eternal proverb is also true in the case of Russia. After the President declared war, the ordinary citizens have to deal with the terrible effects of the war. And a large part of the general population of Russia does not want this war with Russia (Russia-Ukraine War). Peace activists are roaring against the Dordanda Pratap ruler, saying, "We want peace, not war." Vladimir Putin is as terrible as Hitler. He should be arrested. '

The whole world knows how terrible Vladimir Putin can be. The common people of Russia also know. However, in the interest of peace, thousands of Russians joined the protest, ignoring the bloody eyes of the ruler. On Thursday evening, the streets of Moscow were buzzing with the words, "I want peace, not war." Those videos have already spread on social media. Not only in Moscow, but also in other parts of Russia, peace activists have been protesting against Putin.

Many peace activists gathered in Zenith St. Pittsburgh yesterday. They also chanted slogans against the war. Protesters were heard saying, "I don't want this war. Ukraine is not our enemy. " But the Putin government has also adopted an Iron Hand policy to quell the protests. According to the Associated Press, the local police administration arrested more than a thousand anti-war protesters on Thursday. But the protesters did not give up. In a viral video on social media, protesters were heard standing in front of police saying, "Arrest Putin, not us." He is a villain. '

In fact, it is the largest military operation in Russia since the 1979 military operation in Afghanistan. On the first day of the war, the Putin administration claimed great success. Russian troops have already entered northeastern Ukraine. But these successes are of no value to the Russians. They do not want war, they want peace. He also agreed to go to jail for protesting against the government if necessary. That's why thousands of Russians are posting on Twitter opposing the war.

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