Russia-Ukraine War: Why Russia Attacked Ukraine? Find out the five reasons II World War


Eventually the fear came true. Russia-Ukraine War has started. Moscow missiles hit Kiev. Ukraine is also retaliating. They were seen shooting down Russian planes and helicopters. All in all, the excitement is increasing. But why did Russia go to war with Ukraine? Let's take a look

For the past few years, Russian-backed rebels have been fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine. The situation became the most serious since 2014. In the election of the service, the citizens of Ukraine removed a pro-Russian leader from the highest position in the country by exercising the right to vote. Russia did not take the matter very well. Moscow occupies Crimea. It can be said that since then, Russia's anger has been building.

2) The United States then imposed a series of sanctions on Russia. But Russia has made no attempt to change their "war body" attitude. On the contrary, it has provided new support to the separatists. The rebels aimed to occupy eastern Ukraine and form a separate state. Seeing that, the Ukrainian government to increase dissatisfaction. After that they approached NATO. And from here the matter turns to one another.

3) The more talks Ukraine has with NATO, the more anger Russia has. In the past few years, 14,000 people have been killed in clashes between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels. And the danger of war has become so clear.

4) In fact, Russia has always used the strategic depth to make the enemy unruly. What is this strategy? Russia has always been a difficult place for its enemies geographically. The country is also huge. If the opponent enters Russia in any way, then the Red Army starts to retreat by setting fire to the grain. President Vladimir Putin wants to create a "buffer zone" between Eastern Europe and himself by occupying Ukraine for strategic defense reasons. That is why Russia wants to occupy Ukraine.

5) The warmth of the relations between the two countries has gradually increased over the last few years. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden began warning Russia. But Putin also retaliated. Last Monday, Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine were declared independent states by the Russian president. Since then, the threat of war (Russia-Ukraine War) has increased. Russia finally launched an attack on Ukraine on Thursday, despite all fears. The trumpet of war sounded.

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