Russia's nuclear-armed missile exercise, made warplanes


WEBMULTICHANNEL: Russia successfully test-fired hypersonic ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles on Saturday raising fears of an attack on Ukraine. According to the Russian government, these are planned exercises. Each missile hit a specific target. But experts say Russia's exercise is a warning to Ukraine and the United States.

And that speculation is reinforced by the Russian military satellite on the Ukraine border! Russia claims to have withdrawn troops from Ukraine's border, but US agency Maxar's satellite image shows that Russia has deployed warplanes within 50 kilometers of the Ukrainian border! Russia has multiplied its military presence in Belarus, Crimea, and western Russia. In this context, the message from the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky from the platform of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday: Ukraine will pursue a diplomatic path for peaceful reconciliation. "But Russia has not responded.

Russia has said from the beginning that it has no plans to invade Ukraine. Moscow's only demand to the West is that Ukraine should not join NATO in any way and that the Western alliance, NATO, should withdraw its forces from Eastern Europe. But NATO member states are reluctant to comply. According to experts, Vladimir Putin's country is desperate to occupy Ukraine in order to prevent NATO's presence in Eastern Europe. In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea using pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. This time too, the extreme activism of the separatists in Ukraine indicates that.

Russian-backed separatists have begun evacuating civilians from parts of eastern Ukraine to Moscow. The Russian-backed separatist groups Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic no longer feel safe in Ukraine amid fears of war. Meanwhile, Ukraine claims that separatist groups have started unrest in eastern Ukraine since last Thursday in violation of the ceasefire. They have been shelling and bombing for the past few days, killing one Ukrainian soldier.

But who fuels the sudden unrest in eastern Ukraine? Ukraine claims it was started by separatists. Again, separatists are blaming the Ukrainian army. Experts, however, claim that Russia is more likely to be involved in fueling the conflict in Ukraine. Just as Russia did during the occupation of Crimea in 2014, and that internal conflict killed at least 14,000 people!

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