Tanzania TikTok star Kylie received the special award for popularizing Indian music


Webmultichannel: Maybe that's why music doesn't mean a boundary. The whole world can be tied to the melody. There the language, the lyrics all become secondary. He has repeatedly found evidence in the wealth of social media. Even sitting in faraway Tanzania, that is why Kylie Paul has gone viral by singing Bollywood songs. Why only Bollywood, Kili has been seen dancing to the ultimate popular raw almond song. He has given the message of unity to the whole world as if with a smile. That is why he was awarded by the Indian High Commission in Tanzania.

Almost every week, one or another Indian music or song comes to the top of the net world practice. Many people upload videos by dancing to that song. But Kylie and her sister Neema from Tanzania have left everyone behind. Sometimes they have caught the eye by dancing in Hindi film songs or dialogues. Kylie recently starred in the superhit southern film 'Pushpa'. It is a responsibility to understand by watching their TikTok video, whether they know Hindi or not!

Kili's popularity has already peaked on Instagram. More than 22 lakh people follow him. Multiple videos of Kylie and Neema have gone viral. The Indian High Commission awarded Kurdish for the way Kylie made Indian music and Hindi film songs popular in the world. Kylie arrived at the Indian High Commission in Tanzania a few days ago. There he was given special honors. Indian diplomat Binoy Pradhan himself posted the picture on social media

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