Ways to stop Russia World War III! US President Biden warns II Russia-Ukraine War


Webmultichannel: The prospect of a third world war has been looming since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This time the tune was heard in the throat of US President Joe Biden. He now sees World War III as a tool to stop Russia. However, the US president has called for tougher sanctions against Russia to avoid such extreme consequences.

"We have two options," Joe Biden said Saturday. One was the outbreak of World War III, with Russia directly involved in the war. Or Russia should be banned from teaching. So that it becomes an example to others. The rest understand the dire consequences of violating international law. " "The sanctions imposed on Russia are still the toughest in history," he said. Russia has faced economic and political sanctions. Moscow will have to pay the short and long term price for aggression. "

On Saturday, the United States announced 350 million in aid to war-torn Ukraine. Ukraine has also been assured of all possible assistance. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tweeted to the general public in Russia. He said that this war is absolutely pointless. "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. No one wants to put you in danger. There is no need for this needless war with your neighbors, friends, and family in Ukraine. The people of Ukraine, like you, want peace. "

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not agree to bow to any pressure. He is desperate to continue fighting. All in all, the world is slowly moving towards the third world war, claims the informed quarters.

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