China jet crash Chinese president shocked by plane crash, orders full investigation

 Webmultichannel: Chinese President Xi Jinping shocked by plane crash The Chinese president ordered an investigation into how the accident happened. How the safe Boeing 737 crashed suddenly has created haze. It is learned that an investigation has been started to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, the website of China Eastern Airlines has been made black and white for today's victims. The question also arose surrounding the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. According to Boeing, the new generation Boeing Max jet was not used in this case. Because, Boeing Max jet had crashed more than once in Malaysia, Ethiopia. This time, in 2019, the new generation has stopped using these Boeings.


The Boeing 737 was coming from Kanming to Guangzhou on Monday. At that moment, it suddenly collapsed on a hill in Guangxi province. However, the cause of the accident is still unknown. The Chinese administration has not commented on the matter. According to the latest information, rescue operations are underway during the war. However, the chances of survival of the passengers are slim.

Meanwhile, the plane crashed and caught fire in the mountains. That picture has gone viral on Twitter. It is learned that the 737 Boeing that crashed is six years old. The plane of The China Easter took off from Kunming at 1:10 pm. It was supposed to reach the destination by 3: 5 minutes. But the movement of the plane could not be tracked after 2:22 pm.

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