Russia-Ukraine War: India is increasing its activism on Ukraine issue, Modi calls Putin again


Webmultichannel:In the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine War, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the second time this week that two statesmen have spoken on the phone. It is learned that the talks between them were mainly about the repatriation of all Indians detained in Ukraine.

A 22-year-old medical student named Naveen Shekharappa, who left Karnataka for Ukraine on Tuesday, died in war-torn Ukraine. Modi then held an emergency meeting. He informed that the Center is making every effort to repatriate the stranded Indians. He called Putin later that day.

At the moment, 'Operation Ganga' is being carried out by the Center to bring back the Indians trapped in Ukraine. Rescue operations are being carried out in neighboring countries after the airspace of Ukraine was closed due to the war. Many have already left Ukraine. Arriving in Romania, Poland by road, waiting to return to India.

At a press conference on the same day, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that about 17,000 Indian students have left Ukraine so far. Of them, 3,352 have already returned to the country. In all, 15 aircraft have so far returned with Indian students. Of these, 6 planes have landed in New Delhi in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, another Indian died on the seventh day of the Russia-Ukraine war. According to sources, he is a student of Punjab. During the war he was so terrified that he died of a heart attack. All Indians trapped there were then ordered to leave Kharkiv immediately. It is said that if they do not get a car, they should at least walk out of the affected area.

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