Abhishek Banerjee: After the marathon interrogation, Abhishek came out of the ED office with his head held high.

 Webmultichannel: Trinamool MP Abhishek Banerjee walked out of the Enforcement Directorate office after the marathon interrogation. He entered the ED office around 11 am on Monday. He came out at 7:30 in the evening. After an eight-and-a-half-hour interrogation, the Trinamool All India General Secretary said, "If anyone can prove even ten paise, I don't need to be called. I will die on the gallows."


He flew to Delhi on Sunday with eye surgery. Abhishek Banerjee has called on the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to co-operate in the investigation into the coal smuggling case. And before the time on Monday, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool appeared at the ED office in Delhi. He said, “I will tell you everything I know. I will cooperate.

The ED had also summoned the MP last September. He was also interrogated for about eight and a half hours at that time. This time the interrogation lasted for about 6 and a half hours. From there, Abhishek threw a challenge against the BJP. He said, “If you fight in a democratic way, you will lose. So I was called by the Central Investigation Agency. But I'm not afraid. ED, I will not bow my head in front of CBI. ”

Earlier in the day, Abhishek and his wife Rujira had filed a case against the ED's summons. But his appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court. The Diamond Harbor MP (MP) should be called to the Kolkata office for investigation, not to the ED office in Delhi. Abhishek had earlier approached the court with this RG. After the verdict was announced, the ED again sent a notice to the MP. This morning, Rujira Devi approached the Supreme Court challenging the verdict. He requested that they be interrogated at the ED office in Kolkata. But the apex court did not accept that application.

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