ICC Test Ranking: Big improvement in ICC rankings boomerang, Kohli lags far behind


webmultichannel: The ICC Test Rankings have good news for India on the one hand and bad news on the other. Good news for Jaspreet Bumrah, Rishabh Panth. And the bad news is for Virat Kohli, Rabindra Jadeja. Rohit Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin's condition has not changed.

According to the latest ICC Test Test rankings, Yashpreet Bumrah has benefited from a great performance in the second Test against Sri Lanka. Bumrah took five wickets in the first innings of the second Test against Sri Lanka. As a result, Jasprit Bumrah has risen to the fourth position in the bowlers' Test rankings. Earlier, he was in tenth place. Ravichandran Ashwin is in the second position on the list of bowlers. He was in second place before.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli's further decline in the rankings is due to not getting a run against Sri Lanka. Virat slipped four steps back in the batting order. He is currently in ninth place. Three Indians are in the top ten of the ICC batsmen's list. Though Ahamri did nothing against Sri Lanka, captain Rohit Sharma retained his sixth position with 47 runs in the last innings. There is another Indian in the first ten, he is Rishabh Panth. Panth has done a great job in the Sri Lanka series. That is why the wicket-keeper of Team India has been able to retain his tenth position.

Meanwhile, there is little bad news for India in the ranking of all-rounders. Rabindra Jadeja, who topped the list of all-rounders a few days ago, was deposed. Jadeja has been replaced by Jason Holder at the top of the list of all-rounders. Jadeja is down to number two. Ravichandran Ashwin is in the third position as usual.

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