Pavandeep-Arunita duo famous for 'Indian Idol 12' in sudden legal trouble! But why?


WEBMULTICHANNEL: Pawandeep-Arunita, popularly known as 'Indian Idol 12', is in legal trouble. According to all-India media reports, the two have been charged with breach of contract. Allegedly, the two were supposed to sing for an album. But Pabandeep and Arunita did not say that.

From the very beginning of the show 'Indian Idol 12', the producers brought the romantic relationship between Arunita and Pawan in the spotlight. One of the highlights of the service's reality show was the chemistry between the two contestants. In the meantime, Pawandeep Rajan won the title of the best Indian Idol 12 show. The runners-up are Arunita Kanjilal, daughter of Bangaon. The two have been seen together ever since.

It is heard that Pavandeep and Arunita had signed a contract with a well-known company before the end of 'Indian Idol 12'. They were contracted to make an album of 20 romantic songs. It was also announced by the organization or in the media. But it is alleged that Pavandeep and Arunita have not been in touch with the company since the shooting of a song.

The rest of the song shooting and promotion work is still left. There have been multiple attempts to contact the two. But Pabandeep and Arunita were not possible and they also did not try to communicate. It is the claim of the company that it has been forced to go to the law. The complainant also informed the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association about the matter. No response has been received from Arunima or Pavandeep so far. But the two are quite active on social media. There are various pictures and videos to upload.

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