Promoting condoms as 'sexy', the WHO is emphasizing sexual pleasure in its message of sexual protection

WEBMULTICHANNEL: All experts agree on the need for sexual health education in the field of sex. There is no substitute for this education to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. But at the same time people have to talk about sexual pleasure. And by doing so, it will be easier to convey the message of sexual safety. The World Health Organization (WHO) thinks so.
What exactly are the ‘who’ experts saying? They say that the message of enjoying sex, rather than intimidation, is much more inspiring. So it has to be given in the same way. That means sex must be safe. Besides, it should be taken care of so that it is enjoyable.
In today's world, the spread of sexual health awareness is increasing every year. But experts say the problem is that if something like pure sexual pleasure remains undiscussed in such a program. In many cases, they say.
Researchers at the World Health Organization, in collaboration with professors at the University of Oxford, have conducted extensive research on the subject. Researchers say that sex education is not about preventing sexually transmitted diseases, but about focusing on sexual pleasure.

For example, they say that if condoms are referred to as 'sexy', people will see it as an instrument of sexual pleasure. As a result, he will be more encouraged to use condoms. At the same time, they are saying that people need to be reminded of the real purpose of sex. Experts believe that this will result in better results. For example, if it is reminded that the use of lubrication increases sexual pleasure, then people will be more encouraged. In this way, experts have emphasized on sexual pleasure in order to have a positive effect on sex education.

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