Say Joy Sriram, not Joy Siyaram ', Mamata told BJP workers in Varanasi

 WEBMULTICHANNEL:Joy is not Sriram, don't say wrong. Say Joy Siyaram. 'Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee taught the BJP workers while standing in Varanasi. The Trinamool leader had to face protests in Varanasi on Wednesday. His car was pushed, black flags were shown, he was taunted. Mamata pierces BJP workers from Varanasi meeting

The Trinamool (TMC) leader said, "Whenever there is a vote, you talk about temples. Hindu-Muslim. I have no objection to the slogan 'Joy Siyaram'. But what do you do? Sitamata did not say the name. You just said Joy Sriram. That's not right, just say. Say Joy Siyaram. We worship mother Durga. I worship the one whom Sri Ram Chandra worshiped. ” Mamata clearly said, “Don't come to teach me religion. Yogiji, don't bully me. ” After the meeting, the Chief Minister also paid obeisance at Kashi Bishwanath Temple. Yesterday evening he went to Dashaswamedh Ghat to see Aarti. That's when all the protests took place.

Speaking at a meeting in Varanasi on the same day, Mamata Banerjee said, "There are some BJP workers on the streets who have nothing to do but fight. They stopped my car. I was hit by a car. When they told me to go back, I realized, they are losing, their rate is certain. I got out of the car and stood up while they were abusing me. I said, let's see what they can do. I want to see what power you have. I want to see how much courage you have. Thank you for insulting me like this, pushing me into my car. Why? Because it is clear that the BJP is losing. You are afraid of me like this, I will come again and again. You won't get anything so cheap. It will be played. "

It is to be noted that protests against the black flag against Mamata were also staged in several places in the state yesterday. On the same day, TMCP held a peaceful demonstration at the gates of Rabindra Bharati University, Presidency University and Jadavpur University. Besides, demonstrations were held in every town, block college and university across the district of Bengal.

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