Sri Lanka Economic Crisis Emergency in Sri Lanka, India sending rations


WEBMULTICHANNEL:Thunderstorms in Sri Lanka due to the ongoing economic crisis! The country's president Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a state of emergency late Friday night

Additional police were deployed on the streets on Saturday morning, sources said. Meanwhile, India is trying its best to stay by the side of the neighboring state. The helping hand has been extended.

According to the Indian embassy, ​​6,000 megatons of fuel have already been sent to Lanka. Experts say there is a possibility of deepening relations between India and Sri Lanka during the recession.

Not just fuel, the Indian government has started sending food grains and other essential items to Sri Lanka. According to sources, preparations have already started to send 40,000 tons of rations. Informed sources claim that the relations between the two countries will be strengthened to extend the hand of friendship at the wrong time.

In the past too, the citizens of that country have taken refuge in India to escape the financial crisis. Many left the country and took refuge in Tamil Nadu. Sources said that the trend has increased at the moment. According to local Sri Lankan media reports, many have settled in Tamil Nadu in March as well.

After leaving the country and coming to Rameswaram, many Sri Lankans said they were leaving the country due to lack of food and work. They claim that many more people are leaving the country now than in the civil war that ended in 2009.

The financial crisis has been going on in Sri Lanka for a long time. The economy has collapsed. The country's supply is also strained. Many have left the country to escape the Great Depression.

A section of citizens are blaming the present government of the once prosperous country for the deteriorating financial situation. Diesel is not available anywhere in the country on Thursday, the general public in Sri Lanka may know. After that the general public got angry. Traffic in the whole country came to a standstill.

Important services have to be shut down in government hospitals as well. The surgery was stopped. Even many life-saving medicines were reportedly not available in hospitals. In such a situation, the general public breaks the barrier of patience. Then thousands of people came down the highway.

The president's residence was cordoned off on Friday. After that, the Rajapaksa decided to declare an emergency to stop the protest.

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