He passed secondary school from this school, where Arijit Singh got special responsibility

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Arijit Singh is the chairman of the school's steering committee. He took this post after visiting Raja Vijay Singh Vidyamandir of Jiaganj.

Arijit started his tour in Bollywood through a reality show. Shortly afterward, he made his debut as a movie playback singer. The journey of fame started with the song 'Dil Le Aaye' from the movie 'Barfi'. Arijit's song 'Aashiqui' spread all over the country. He rushed to get tickets for his live show. Such a star is very common in his personal life.

Arijit rides on a scooter with a sling bag slung over his shoulder. When the fan wanted to take a picture, he said, "Keep me in your bosom." This month, the star was seen bringing her son to school in plain clothes. And his manners were like those of five ordinary guardians. There was no bodyguard, no secretary. Instead, like other parents, Arijit was standing in line in front of his son's school gate.

Neighbors say Arijit is like that. When he came to Jiaganj, he did everything by himself. He rides a scooter and goes shopping. There is no star-like behavior in Arijit. This time the Bollywood star singer is the chairman of the school management committee of his school. Sia Moumita Saha of Jiyaganj Chakra said, "Arijit Babu has been given the responsibility of chairing the management committee of the school as per the instructions of the state education department."

In the words of Dipankar Bhattacharya, the headmaster of the school, “Arijit Babu, the popular musician of the country, I hope he will fulfill one of the responsibilities in the overall development of the school. We are very proud to have his name added to the management of this school. Happy retired teacher Sameer Ghosh, eminent social worker Asit Das too. According to them, one of the musicians of the country has brightened the face of the school by being in charge of the school management committee. He will also develop the school.

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