Imran Khan on the recommendation of Imran the President Pakistan is on the way to a quick election by dissolving the parliament

webmultichannel: As mentioned earlier, there are other weapons in hand. That is what Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did. The captain turned the match around with the last ball like 22 yards. For now, he has saved his PM's chair. Instead, Imran's government moved towards a faster election process.

One drama after another was going on in Pakistan from Sunday morning. Unrest in several parts of the country was centered around this confidence vote. Section 144 was enacted in Islamabad to prevent unrest. It was heard that Imran may be arrested. In the meanwhile, the session of Pak Parliament started at 11:30 in the afternoon. Where a no-confidence motion was to be brought against the Pak Prime Minister.

A new version of the play was composed at the beginning of the session. Opposition groups called for a no-confidence motion against the deputy speaker before Imran. After this, a no-confidence motion was brought against Imran. At that time only 22 representatives of Imran's party were present in the parliament. The rate is almost certain. Imran was not present. Just as the fall of Pakistan's elected government was inevitable, the captain of the 1992 World Cup-winning Pakistan team saved the match at the last minute.

The Deputy Speaker rejected the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister in the Parliament of Pakistan. He said the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister was unconstitutional. Allegations of foreign conspiracy arose behind the proposal. At the same time, the National Assembly of Pakistan was adjourned till April 25. After that Imran addressed the nation. There, he said, the president would be recommended to dissolve parliament. At the same time, Imran said that he has proposed to start the election process quickly. After a while, President Arif Alvi accepted his recommendation. Pakistan is moving towards fast elections.

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