Maggi Price Hike: Increased cost, Nestle will soon increase the price of Maggi?

 Webmultichannel: The whole country is breathing down its neck. The skyrocketing price of petrol and diesel is having a major impact on transport services across the country. The price of daily necessities is increasing There is rice-pulses-salt-oil etc., with the addition of lemon. In the country, the price of lemon has reached 250 rupees. Virtually the whole country is in the grip of inflation. The price of milk may also increase.

In this situation, the citizens of the country gave even worse news, Nestle. The famous company is popular in India mainly for making Maggie, Kitkat. There is also, everyone's favorite Nescafe 6 However, it seems that there is nothing comparable to the Pantano magi of eight or eighty people. The price of that Maggie is going to increase this time. From KitKat to Nescafe 7 will not be left out

But why could Maggie's price rise? Nestle says the reason for the price increase is the operating cost. Raw materials also fall into this operating cost. Raw materials are being sold at the highest prices in the country in ten years. Nestle may be forced to raise prices due to the huge increase in raw material prices.

With the news of Maggie's price rise, the middle class is naturally becoming more and more anxious. Maggie is still a morning-afternoon snack for a section of the country's children. Everyone from college students to hired employees away from home - everyone has very few options like Maggie. So everyone is thinking of raising Maggie's price.

By the way, one thing to note here. Nestle India's profits have been slashed recently. Nestle lags far behind in terms of profit for the current quarter. And after that, the Nestle authorities sat motionlessly. Nestle's net profit for the March quarter was Rs 595 crore. The total sales amount was Rs 3,951 crore.

However, these are surpassing the operating cost. Operating costs have increased by 30% in the last three months. Besides, the prices of various packaging-related items have also gone up tremendously. All in all, Maggie, Kitkat, and the rest of the ingredients may be forced to raise prices. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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