Russia-Ukraine War: Controlled media, the only hope for Russians to know the 'true' news of the war

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: The Kremlin has imposed a ban on social media in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine War. The government is relying on a popular app to get the news of the war by tricking the eyes. The demand for that app is growing. Do you know which app Russian citizens are using?

What is the progress of the Russia-Ukraine war? How much damage is done to Moscow? What are the people of the country thinking about the war? There is no way to know the answer to these questions. Putin's government has imposed sanctions on the media and social media for reporting on the war. In such a situation, they are relying on the telegram to get all the news of the war. There is a debate going on about the war. Journalists are also writing.

The popularity of this telegram app can be understood by presenting some recent survey reports. According to a report by a company called Sensor Tower, this app has been downloaded on about 125 million smartphones in Russia since 2014. Of these, 45 lakh users have been using the app since the beginning of the war. From this it is clear how popular telegram has become.

The Echo of Moscow radio channel was shut down last month because of Putin's bloodshed. After that the deputy editor of the radio channel opened the channel in Telegram. The number of listeners is increasing rapidly. Multiple Russian journalists say. Currently Telegram is the only app. Where the general public can open their minds and discuss the war.

Note that the Telegram app is currently widely used in Ukraine. One big reason for this is that you can forward messages to 2 lakh people at once in this app. That number on WhatsApp is only 256. It is to be noted that the Russian army entered Ukraine on February 24. Since then the terrible fight has started. At first it was thought that Russia would easily occupy Kiev. But as time went on, the Ukrainian army retaliated. Ordinary people even took up arms.

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