The innings is over! Imran Khan left Islamabad at midnight #ImranKhan #webmultichannel

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Cut and bold! At the end of the innings, Imran Khan finally lost the chair of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The former cricketer finally left the PM's residence after losing the confidence vote. As a result, Imran had to leave not only the seat but also the accommodation. He left the PM's residence by helicopter at midnight.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Faizal Javed Khan said, "Imran was seen leaving the PM's residence with a smile on his face. His head was not down. It is learned that Imran Khan has just returned to his residence in Banigala.

Imran lost the confidence vote at midnight on Saturday. 174 people voted against him and in favor of the no-confidence motion. As a result, the former athlete lost the seat of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The whole world is witnessing the final drama at midnight on Saturday centering on the motion of no confidence. Tensions are running high at every moment. The Speaker of the National Assembly first met Imran on that day. The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker then resigned. All the people's representatives of Imran's party left the parliament. The Chief Justice then proceeded with the voting process only in the presence of the opposition. He arrived in Parliament shortly after midnight. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections on Saturday. However, the session was adjourned in stages. Sources claim that Imran started using force to prevent mistrust at any cost. Instead of going to the National Assembly on that day, Imran Khan had an emergency meeting with the cabinet members. But, finally cut and bold!

Sometimes it is heard that he has agreed to a conditional no-confidence motion, but sometimes it is heard that the Chief Justice of the country has ordered his arrest! But, which of these is the real news, that is why there is a lot of confusion.

Meanwhile, high alert has already been issued in the country's airports. No government official or bureaucrat can leave the country without NOC! The army was deployed in the city of Islamabad. This arrangement is made so that no unrest is spread around the center of distrust.

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