Amazon launches food delivery service

 WEBMULTICHANNEL : Zomato and Suigi are thriving in the world of food delivery. But this time Amazon is entering the market to give a tough fight to these two companies. Not only product, this e-commerce site will also deliver food to you from your favorite restaurant.

According to an all-India news outlet, Amazon is considering a lucrative commission to outperform other companies. The company has already started talks with restaurants. At present, restaurants have to pay 15 to 16 percent commission as per the agreement with popular food delivery companies. As a result, the profit margins of restaurants are relatively low. And this is what Amazon is using as a tool. They will contract with the restaurant for 6 to 7 percent commission. There are currently many restaurants that are showing less interest in app delivery. Because paying a hefty commission is affecting their business.

However, Amazon has not yet commented on the matter. However, it is heard that the company is going to launch this service in Diwali this year. The costume name of the service will be Amazon

Restaurants. Bangalore will get the service first. Customers will be able to order their favorite food through the 'Prime Now' app. In addition, Amazon has plans to start delivering cosmetics and medicines. It was rumored last July that another food delivery company, Uber, would buy Amazon. Although it has not been implemented yet

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