Android users will not receive this benefit after May 11! Many hands on the head

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Android phone is changing drastically. From now on, it will not be possible to record calls through third-party apps. Google is turning off all call records in the third-party app from the 11th.

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it has made major changes to its Play Store policy. As a result, calls cannot be recorded through any other third party app in the Play Store.

So what to do in case of call recording?

Calls can be recorded only in Google Dialer. This means that the phone that uses Google Dialer has a built in call recording option. And it is possible to record all calls through that recorder.

What will be the difference in that case?

There is a big difference between the Google Dialer app and the third party call recording app. That is, a voice can be heard when a call is recorded through Google Dialer. And in that case people in both fields will know that call recording is starting.

But in the case of third party apps, such voice is not heard. As a result, even if someone's call is recorded, the person does not even know that his call is being recorded. And that's why the call recording feature is being turned off in third party apps.

However, users of Samsung, Oneplus, Redmi already have Google Call Recording feature.

Experts believe that third party apps store recorded calls on their own servers. As a result, there is a possibility of data theft. And that is why such steps are being taken.

Following the announcement by Google, the well-known TrueCaller announced that it was discontinuing the call recording feature. Because they are making this decision to comply with Google's policy.

Google gave this update a few weeks ago. The new policy will take effect on May 11.

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