BIG BREAKING: Biplab Deb resigns as Tripura Chief Minister

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Dramatic turn in the politics of Tripura. Biplab Kumar Deb resigns as Tripura Chief Minister He has already submitted his resignation to the governor. The year of the Assembly vote (Tripura Assembly Election) has suddenly begun to speculate as to why this resignation. It is reported that the name of the next Chief Minister may be announced on Saturday. Meanwhile, Biplob Deb opened his mouth after resigning from the post of Chief Minister. He told the media, "I have resigned on the instructions of the top leadership. Only if there is an organization will there be a government. I have taken this decision to work in the organization.

I hope I have done justice to the people of Tripura so far in all the responsibilities I have been given. We have worked for the overall development of Tripura. Elections are ahead in 20220. Now I will work the way the party wants me to. We want BJP to be in government for a long time. And to keep the BJP for a long time, we need an organizer like me. ”Meanwhile, Union Minister and BJP central observer Bhupendra Yadav said the name of Tripura's next chief minister would be announced by 8 pm on Saturday.

What is the reaction of Trinamool Congress to the news of resignation of Tripura Chief Minister? An official of the party's Tripura organization tweeted this to Twitter. It read, "Goodbye. The Chief Minister of Tripura escaped from the awkward situation. Who drowned thousands of people in Tripura. Has done a lot of damage. He has done so much damage that even his top bosses could not bear his incompetence. In fact, the BJP workers in Tripura have been shaken by the success of the grassroots. There will be change. "Besides, Trinamool Congress youth president Saini Ghosh also wrote," The game will be played in Tripura. "

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