Computer slow? Try this way! The solution will be in a moment

 Webmultichannel:Any computer that slows down as time goes on. Because RAM and storage tend to be full. At the same time, the computer hardware does not work properly as it gets old. That is why the computer is slow. Google has introduced Chrome OS Flex to make this old PC faster. After installing Chrome OS Flex on the old computer, it will start running as fast as the new computer.

What is Chrome OS Flex?

CloudReady has been redesigned to make Chrome OS Flex. Google has developed the whole thing. Google, the owner of CloudReady, bought Neverware a few years ago. CloudReady could run the ChromeOS operating system on any computer. This desktop operating system is based on the open source Chromium OS. However, CloudReady can be installed on any Linux powered computer, not just Windows computer.

Let's give some information about Flex OS. CloudReady 2.0 came on the market when Google acquired Neverware. This operating system was created based on Chrome OS. However, the latest update to the market is that Chrome OS Flex has Google support with Google Assistant.

At the moment, those who are affiliated with the educational institution can use the free Chrome OS Flex. Ordinary customers can also install Chrome OS Flex on their Mac or Windows computer.

How to install?

First install the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension on your computer.

And turn on the Get Started option when the installation process is complete.

There will be multiple computer models. Select your model.

Then select the Continue option.

Finally, select Create now to install Google Chrome OS Flex on your system.

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