IPL 2022: Nitish-Rinku pair get rid of 'curse', KKR loses playoff hopes over Rajasthan

 webmultichannel: Do or die. It was under such circumstances that the Shreyas iears started the fight against Rajasthan which is at number three in the league list. The night camp was also confused with the first XI. From that place, Rajasthan was bound by a comparatively short run and King Khan's Calcutta was victorious. Shreyas escaped the embarrassment of losing six matches in a row. And with that comes the hope of going to the playoffs.

Rajasthan's performance in the current IPL is quite enviable. Under the leadership of Sanju Samson, Rajasthan has turned the game around even from a difficult situation. There was a team in front of them on Monday, who have lost the last five matches in a row. As a result, the pink jersey holders were the ones that were heavier in the book. But in T20, especially in the IPL, no calculation seems to work. Like a wounded tiger, KKR roared and put two valuable points in his pocket.

Many have already raised eyebrows over Rinku Singh's inclusion in the starting XI. But with his strong fielding and reliable batting, he wanted to explain why he is on the list of KKR officials' favorites. He left the field unbeaten on 42 runs to win the match. However, his partner Nitish Rana boosted his confidence. Who remained 46 not out in the end. When two openers Bala Indrajith (15) and Aaron Finch (4) failed, Rana teamed up with captain Shreyas (34) and then Rinku to give the team the desired victory. Due to the continuous failure, KKR made the first XI without Venkatesh Iyer. However, Rajasthan supporters have expressed anger against the umpire over Shreyas' dismissal. Many have questioned how the umpire showed that delivery wide.

KKR has collected 6 points in 10 matches by winning this match. On the other hand, Sanju will have to return to the hotel on this day with the pain of not being able to win the team even after scoring a half century.

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