PM Modi: ‘World Leader…’, Modi at the forefront of quad statesmen

 Webmultichannel:Leaders can be many. But not everyone has the ability to lead from the front. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the handful of statesmen who can become a world leader. This is how his fans are praising PM Modi after seeing the new pictures spread on social media.

The United States, Australia, Japan and India have formed the Quad (QuUAD) to keep China's dominance in the Pacific. The alliance was formed to reduce China's dominance in the Pacific. The four heads of state also met in Tokyo on Tuesday morning. Then a picture spread on social media. As can be seen, the Prime Minister of India is also coming down the stairs with the world's top leaders. And Modi is at the very top of that row. Even Japanese President Fumio Kisida and US President Joe Biden are behind Modi. And keeping this picture in front, the BJP leaders are blessing Modi.

Amit Malviya, head of the BJP's IT cell, called Modi a "world leader" in a tweet. He wrote, “The leader of the whole world… this picture is saying a lot in silence.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra tweeted the photo again and wrote in Hindi, "India is the world guru." The five-faced BJP leader Smriti Irani also praised the Prime Minister. “The chief servant. The world's guide. " Devendra Farnabish has also put Modi in the seat of 'world leader'.

US President Joe Biden also handed over the certificate to Narendra Modi. India has successfully handled the situation, but did not recognize it, said Joe Biden.

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