Whatsapp New Feature: FB feature in Whatsapp! Users are going to be shocked

 WEBMULTICHANNEL: Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging app. This app is used by millions of users in India as well as all over the world. Multiple updates are given on Whatsapp at different times. Recently another update has been given. With this update, it has been informed that the experience of messaging users on Whatsapp will be better.

Earlier this year, WABetainfo announced that several new features would be added. There have been several changes in the audio segment since the beginning of the year. Added various new features. This time the list includes an audio pause feature while recording audio notes, adding waveform to voice notes, fast forward, etc. features have resulted in a better user experience in the case of audio notes.

With WhatsApp, it is now possible to transfer files up to a maximum of 2GB. This feature has recently been added by Whatsapp.

In addition to these features, Whatsapp has recently launched another popular feature. That is, it is possible to give a reaction to a text message and any media file from now on. This feature is provided for other Meta products like Messanger and Instagram but not for Whatsapp. As a result, emojis had to be sent in reply messages in case of reaction to any picture or text. But from now on it is no longer needed. From now on, reactions can be added to any message with this new feature.

This new feature has already reached everyone's Whatsapp. Although many may not be able to use this feature. Because no icons were added that way. As a result, many are in trouble. With this report, you will know how to use the message reaction feature in Whatsapp.

This new feature is very easy to use. Learn every step of the way to use this feature ...

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